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“Our Indiegogo campaign for ‘Discoveries: Montreal’ was a success because of these awesome people. Thank you!” Official Book Launch October 25, 2013


Alexander and Trena Tuck
Allison Lyne
Allyce Williams
Bas and Eefje
Deborah Fleck-Campbell
Duane Gordon
Ellen & Sander
Erik and Yolanda Groen
Gary Gauvin
Guillaume Bouchard
Heather Boyd
Hein, Agnes and Fae Koeken
Helen Tanyan
HiQ Home Staging & Design
Holly Friesen
Hudson Foga
Jan Willem and Marjolein
Janet and Sander Wassink
Johnson Environmental Inc.
Jonne and Mariana
Kees Hoogervorst
Leann Brown
Lori Dow
Lorraine Miller Emmrys
Lorraine O'Neill
Melissa Guay
Monique Caissie
My Awesome Moms
My Opa
Paul van Rhijn and Patti Grasso
Scott Huot
Station 16
Stef Castelijns
Susan Jillette
Vincent van Wageningen
Wendy and Sander Thijssen