Exhibition art international at kikyu gallery in Okazaki, japan.

Nagoya, September 17, 2019. From October 5-13 Denise Buisman Pilger’s work will be part of the Exhibition Art International at Kikyu Gallery in Okazaki. Gallery opening hours are 10am-6pm (Closed Monday). 15 Artists will be participating in this years exhibition, the exhibition will include painting, photography and traditional Japanese woodblock prints. On Saturday October 5th at 17:30 h. there will be a vernissage, sponsored by Kikyu Club, please come along, meet some of the artists and have a good time!



Under the Bridge Nagoya, Art & music festival.

Nagoya, September 17, 2019. On October 6th the Artist Abroad will be part of Under the Bridge Nagoya, An outdoor live music and art event that brings the international and local communities together for a day of entertainment. The event will take place from 11am-6pm on Wakamiya Dori Park, Yabacho, Nagoya, Japan.

Smoking Crows
Game Over Humans
Campus Heights
Building trees
Bambi Sakaborn & Big Shot Jr.
The Omagarys (ジ・オマガリーズ)

B'Z Joint / Bill Hall, Airbrush Art
Imagine Design / Robert Moore, Live Painting
Artist Abroad / Denise Buisman Pilger, Visual Artist
Tiana Silva, Zentangle-inspired Art
Shadow Frau Studio / Gywneth Wilson, Illustrations & Concept Design
Rabeea Farooq, Henna Art
Ramona Vasiliu Hisum, Ikebana

Enchanted: Japanese beauty through Dutch eyes

A solo exhibition at Masa Gallery in Gifu, Japan.

Nagoya, September 3, 2019. From September 5 to September 26 Dutch Artist Denise Buisman Pilger will exhibit a series of brand new works on Washi in a solo exhibition titled: ‘Enchanted: Japanese beauty through Dutch eyes’. The exhibition will be held at Masa Gallery, located on the 3rd floor of Masa21 Shopping Center in Gifu Japan. The exhibition is free and open to the public, the exhibition will be open daily from 9am-9pm.




Nagoya, June 7, 2019. From June 19-23 the Artist Abroad, Denise Buisman Pilger, will exhibit a brand new artwork at the 19th Global Artist Movement (GAM) group exhibition at the Toyota Municipal Museum of Art in Toyota, Japan. 

The Global Artist Movement is an organization aiming to promote international exchange rich in creativity and to encourage artistic activities as an international movement.

From Wednesday - Saturday the exhibition will be open from 10am - 5pm and on Sunday from 10 am - 3pm. If you wish to meet the artist, she will be in attendance on Thursday and Friday from 1-5pm and Saturday and Sunday all day.

Toyota Municipal Art Museum
Address 8 - 5 Kozakamoto cho, Toyota City,  
Prefecture 471 - 0034 1
Tel: 0565-34-6610

Picture by Louise Corry

Picture by Louise Corry


Speaking in Tongues

An interactive art piece , multicultural theatre production and special artist collaboration.

Nagoya, June 7, 2019. Two married couples set out to cheat on their spouses. A man encounters his long-lost fiancé on a bus and a woman disappears in the middle of the night, betrayed by her husband. These seemingly unrelated events are the threads that weave together Speaking in Tongues, a modern-day tale of fractured love and human despair. Now considered an Australian classic, Speaking in Tongues powerfully deepest the emotional labyrinth of relationships that are falling apart.

Theatre Iridescence is a multilingual and multicultural theatre company. Their aim is to celebrate and promote diversity and intercultural understanding through thought-provoking, high quality productions. This year they present Speaking in Tongues in both English and Japanese. Alternating between a local and an International cast, this is a unique opportunity to see two culturally different interpretations of the same play.

Nagoya based, Dutch artist Denise Buisman Pilger created a very special, interactive art piece exclusively for this show. This beautiful piece of art will be on display and up for silent auction in the foyer during the performances of Speaking in Tongues. Come create your own unique version with the characters from the show! Speaking in Tongues, opens today at Chikusa Playhouse and will be performed from June 7th - 9th 2019.


Chikusa Playhouse 千種文化小劇場

6/7(金)@15:30(B組) @18:30(A組)
6/8(土)@12:00(B組) @15:00(A組) @18:00(B組)
6/9(日)@11:00(A組) @14:00(B組) @17:00(A組)

※洋キャスト・International Cast=A組, 和キャスト・Japanese Cast=B組

Student ADV・学生前売券 2,000円
ADV・一般前売券 3,000円
DOOR・当日券 4,000円

1) TICKET PIA・チケットぴあ (Pコード:492-367)
2) Nadya Park (8F) Ticket Guide・ナディアパーク8階チケットガイド
3) Aichi Arts Center, Play Guide (B2)・愛知芸術文化センター、プレイガイド(地下2階)

Individual audience members who have purchased advanced tickets to both an English and a Japanese show will receive a cash back discount. Please bring both tickets to the "double bill cash back" counter in the theatre foyer on the day of performance.

NOTE that two tickets for the same show are NOT eligible for the discount.


‘Journey’ a group exhibition at Gallery White Cube.

Nagoya, April 10, 2019. From April 11-21, 2019 ten talented artists from ten different countries will exhibit their works together at Gallery White Cube in Nagoya, Japan. This unique exhibition, titled ‘Journey’, narrates the journey of artists from different countries and backgrounds with diverse art practices. It is an effort to present another perspective from the outside world, by different individuals living in the same environment in Japan. 

On Saturday, April 13th everyone is invited to join the artists at the gallery from 6-8pm for a small celebration, for more information check out the event page.

'Journey' runs from April 11-21. Both the opening night event and the exhibition are free and open to the public so please invite your friends! 

Gallery opening hours:
Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday Closed
Thursday April 11 - Sunday April 14th: 1 - 7pm 
Thursday April 18th - Sunday 21st 1 - 5pm


From Japan to Montréal and a little in between

Viva Vida Art Gallery presents works by Denise Buisman Pilger at the Beaconsfield Library.

Montréal, February 21, 2019.  In June 2017, Dutch artist Denise Buisman Pilger packed up her studio in Montréal and moved to Nagoya, Japan where she is studying Japanese techniques and materials. In March the artist and some of her newest works, will travel to Montréal for a solo exhibition at the Beaconsfield Library, 303 Boulevard Beaconsfield, -Beaconsfield. The works in this exhibition, titled ‘Départ - Arrivée’, feature a variety of countries from around the world. The exhibition runs from March 5-29, with the Vernissage on Thursday, March 14 from 7 – 8:30pm.

“After almost a year and a half in Japan I am excited to have the opportunity to visit Montréal and share some of my newest, Japan inspired, works with everyone at the Beaconsfield Library. I have had the opportunity to immerse myself in Japanese culture and try my hands at many different Japanese techniques and materials, this unique, beautiful and quirky country has been extremely inspiring and its influences are slowly making its way into my art.” Says Denise Buisman Pilger

‘Départ - Arrivée’ was the initiative of Beaconsfield Library and is organized in collaboration with Viva Vida Art Gallery, -located on 278 Lakeshore Road in the Pointe Claire Village, who have been representing Buisman Pilger in the province of Quebec since 2010. The artist continues to be inspired by the urban landscape and the people that populate it, Her frequent travels give her the opportunity to explore the similarities and differences of human society around the world. 

“We are very excited to present this special solo exhibition together with the Beaconsfield Library, we have been waiting to see how Buiman- Pilger’s work has evolved during her time in Japan. The influence of a new culture is most apparent in her -newest body of work ‘World on Washi’, which is a clear departure, obviously inspired by Japanese materials, subject matter and their minimalist esthetic. We are very happy to invite everyone to come meet the artist in person at the Vernissage. PIlger will only be in Montréal for a few days, so don’t miss the opportunity!”  Says Gallery Director Nedia El Khouri

Born and raised in the Netherlands, Buisman Pilger has a Bachelor’s Degree in Illustration from the Willem de Kooning Academy of Arts in Rotterdam. She has proudly exhibited her work at the 2011 Salon de la Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris, the Artist Project and the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition and last year she was the first foreign artist to receive the Foreign Minister Award at the Toyota Municipal Museum of Art in Toyota, Japan. Her work can be found in galleries in Montréal and Toronto.    

“I feel incredibly lucky to have this amazing opportunity to once again share my works with the wonderful people of Montréal, I have truly missed this city. I really hope everyone will join us for the Vernissage at the Beaconsfield Library on Thursday, March 14th from 7 - 8:30pm so I can share with you a little bit of the beauty that our urban world has to offer.” Says Denise Buisman Pilger.

Départ - Arrivée, works by Denise Buisman Pilger.
Beaconsfield Library, 303 Boulevard Beaconsfield, Beaconsfield, Quebec. 
March 5 - 29, 2019
Monday to Friday: 10am - 9pm  |  Saturday: 10am – 5pm | Sunday: 13 - 5pm (open to the public) Vernissage: Thursday, March 14, 2019: 7pm - 8:30pm (open to the public) 
www.VivaVidaArtGallery.com     www.vivavidaeshop.com 


Denise Buisman Pilger is one of five artists from around the world to have been selected for the UNESCO x BBuzzArts project that is exploring how BBuzzArts multi talented artists around the world are making a difference in their communities through their art. Read a small portion of the interview will be posted below, you can read the full article on the Medium website. 

UNESCO x BBuzzArt:
Denise Buisman Pilger

On November 13, 1978 I was born in Amsterdam in the Netherlands to two awesome moms and a sister, who is four and a half years younger than me. I have always been drawn to anything creative. Drawing was my favorite subject in school and art supplies were always on top of my wish list for birthdays or ‘Sinterklaas’ (a Dutch winter holiday).

Living in a big city like Amsterdam, we were very lucky to have grandparents who lived on Ameland, one of the small islands of the northern coast of the Netherlands. We would stay with them most school holidays and spend our days riding horses, playing games and roaming the beaches and sand dunes. I remember always asking my grandmother to do crafting projects together, as she loved making things and would always come up with something new and exciting.

Read full interview here >> | More info about this project can be found here >>