Artist Statement  -  Traveling the World


Denise's work reflects her love of photography, painting and travel configured into graphic pseudo-realities of everyday life filtered through her own whimsical creative lens. Fascinated by the urban landscape and the people that populate it, her bustling pastiches of architectural elements and city life invite us to step into her world, where urban elements are arranged at unusual angles, irregular scale and not necessarily in their true-to-life configuration. Inspired by her globetrotting experiences, which have been numerous and frequent, her cityscapes are at once recognizable, yet somehow surreal.

Her creative process involves photo manipulation, acrylic image transfer, hand layered mixed media elements and other innovative techniques. Working in a variety of scale, Denise creates panels that are graphic, contemporary and yet somehow nostalgic. Often her pieces are black and white with minimalist color accents, while others abound with color - her visual vocabulary always unique and always authentic.

Denise's on-going series of cityscapes, entitled Traveling the World, is deeply personal, paying homage to some of the her favorite places - mostly urban scenes bursting with all that city life involves. Becoming more and more narrative over time, the pieces combined with their titles, allow us a glimpse into the artists mind. As we gaze upon Denise's unique universes we are invited to be shamelessly voyeuristic and encouraged to make up stories of our own. 

Merging many photographs into a singular image, Denise offers a unique impression of the cities she's visited during her travels – her perspective capturing the urban land-scape as only a traveler could, highlighting the often mundane, yet essential elements that make up the living, breathing and evolving ecosystem of a city.

We can look for a very long time & still discover new things.